How work the autorization and why?

To use the save and export function in Hephaestos, you need to ask an unlock.

Hephaestos actually is free, but it simplify for keeping a trace of user, number of computer who use it, and communicate with the people how want to by newsletter to improve your user experience.
The unlock depend on hardware specifications, not only user. So you need to ask one for each computer where you want to run Hephaestos

To do that realy simple:

  1. Create an user account on the website at I will give you the ability to post on the forum too.
  2. Open Hephaestos on your internet connected computer
  3. Enter your username (email) and password
  4. Hephaestos is now unlock and you can save and export. If not, just relunch Hephaestos to verify.

What can i do, if my computer is never connected in internet?

Actualy, it's rare and very difficult for many other stuff.

But if it's the case, you still have the possibility to autorize Hephaestos offline.

To do that:

  1. Lunch Hephaestos on your computer. In the autorization windows, enter your customer email and click the offline button.
  2. Hephaestos will ask you where to save on your hard drive your request file
  3. Send me by email at this file with a request.
  4. I will send you back a unlock file that you need to copy inside your Hephaestos folder.

Because I have to do this action manualy it can take a little more time to reply, but the function will be soon on your customer account on the website.

What to do if I get a error when i lunch Hephaestos

This microsoft error is actualy a problem when you try to lunch an app who use the microsoft c++ runtime on computer wher it is not installed.
I have no vision about it and this error came not with a report error message.

Hephaestos is build without any installation, or admin password, but you still still need have direct X and the c++ runtime framwork on the computer to execute it.

The good version of the visual c++ microsoft runtime 2017 (vc_redist) is inside the Hepaestos folder. Install it.