I take pleasure to make this kind of stuff. But i like to give some formation about the use of Arduino Framework in Theater an live show.

I consider to give some accelereted 7 days formation, or in terms of the client wish.

Contact me if you are interested to organise a session.

Formation Program

  • Day 1
    • Define your personal project who lead all the formation session
    • The open source Licences, constraints and use case
    • The Arduino Framework, devellope time and constraints related to show environement
  • Jour 2
    • initiation to C and C++ and Arduino Framework. Base instruction
    • Electronic initiation inputs/outputs, Power modules, relays, motor, sensors, communication protocol
  • Jour 3
    • The library and project use case
    • Test and build several simple module
  • Jour 4 à 6
    • Define and realize your personal project
    • prototype
  • Jour 7
    • Build your own PCB, Kicad software initiation

Require equipment:

  • For each student:
    • A notebook (mac,pc,linux)
    • A SwissBoard mini (carte et clone arduino dédié à une utilisation spectacle)
    • A 3.3v ftdi programmer
    • A breadboard and wire
  • Global:
    • An internet connexion
    • Severals modules, leds, sensors, steppers, DC Motors, lampes, relay, power supply, battery
    • Little toolbox: Dreamel, welding station, wire cutter, etc...